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TO : All of Hailiang's Customers
Dear Distinguished Customers,
Thanks for trust on and choosing Hailiang as your qualified supplier. We do value the cooperation in your business. Your comments are very important for us to make the improvement of better products, better service etc. accordingly. If you have any praise.questions. suggestions or complains on Hailiang,welcome to put it up and send to my personal e-mail-box . I will reply you at the first time.

Thanks always for supporting Hailiang.
Kind regards
Feng Hailiang
Chairman of Board
China Hailiang Group Co.,Ltd.


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Asia Dep. +86-575-87069010
Europe Dep. +86-575-87069003
North America Dep. +86-21-57531826
Middle East Dep. +86-575-87065953
Oceania Dep. +86-21-57535295

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